Bauneg Beg Lake Association
PO Box 538
North Berwick Maine 03906
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In 2017, Bauneg Beg Lake Association (BBLA) created a $100 pledge program that netted the Association $7,500. Thank you to all who contributed! Projects included:

1_The coffer dam fabrication completed. Installation is scheduled for the spring.

2_The phosphorous barrier projects up river was installed. This project will reduce the amount of phosphorous flowing into the lake thus reducing the growth of weeds.

3_Ongoing water quality testing including Goodall Brook upstream in downtown Sanford.

4_Lost navigational buoys were replaced.

Projected projects for 2018:

1_Complete the coffer dam project. While the fabrication was completed in 2017, installation will be in the spring of 2018. This will allow the water level to be controlled more efficiently.

2_Continue water quality testing including the new barrier area and Goodall Brook.

3_A survey will be conducted of the remaining watershed to assess any future potential water quality improvements.

4_Replace aging navigational buoys.

As you can see, your Lake Association has been very busy improving our Lake!

How can you help:
Participate in the 2018 Pledge Program! If you can’t make the pledge all at once, you can make 4 easy installments.
Complete your pledge payments by December 1, 2018 and be entered into a drawing to possibly win back your pledge.
The first place prize is $1,000.
Second place prize is $500.
Third place prize is 4 drawings of $250.
Fourth place prize is 5 drawings of $100.

The drawings will take place on December 8th. Sell a pledge to family or friends or make multiple pledges to increase your participation and opportunity to make your money back. Also makes a great Christmas gift!
Other ways you can help:

Become a member or renew your membership. Membership cost only $25.00 annually.

Make a tax deductible donation. Remember, BBLA is a 501(c)3.

Participate in the annual calendar raffle. A $10.00 calendar raffle purchase gives you 30 opportunities to win back your money and more.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support of Bauneg Beg Lake Association!!

Send your check to :
BBLA Fundraising Committee
Bauneg Beg Lake Association │ P.O. Box 538 │ North Berwick, ME 03906

Please note in the memo if your donation is for: 2018 Pledge, Calendar Raffle, Membership or Donation.

Bauneg Beg Lake Association Install Three Phosphorus Barriers Into Brook.

Bauneg Beg Lake Association has teamed up with a Scarborough-based business, Mackworth-Enviro to install a prototype “Nutrient Removal Barrier” system to filter harmful phosphorus out of a feeder stream to the lake that has long been the source of excessive concentrations of the chemical element. Click here to read the rest of the article.


Bauneg Beg Lake is a 188-acre lake located in the Towns of North Berwick and Sanford.
Its direct watershed covers 14.8 square miles and includes agricultural areas
as well as high-density areas in downtown Sanford.
The lake’s shoreline is developed with over 200 seasonal and year-round homes.
Bauneg Beg Lake is an impounded segment of the Great Works River, which ultimately flows into the Salmon Falls River.

The association is also dedicated to the care and maintenance of the dam that creates the lake.
The dam committee works year round to insure the safety of the dam and to maintain the best level of the water.

You can help click here for more information.

Not a member of Bauneg Beg Lake Association but have property on the lake and would like emailed information as it is sent out?
Please email your name and your lake address to bbla.president@maine.rr.com